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Your Advanced Copier Solutions team has been servicing the Yampa Valley for more than 25 years. With 4 local technicians in Routt and Moffat Counties we have the Yampa Valley covered.  We strive to provide a high quality of service with the highest quality of products at a reasonable price for all of our customers. We do this with our partnerships with Savin and our HP partners. We are a full line savin dealer to provide you with the highest quality of equipment in the industry. 

 Savin offers the industry's broadest and most connected line of digital imaging systems, from compact systems that deliver the power to print, copy, scan and fax right from your desktop to departmental digital color systems that enhance communications quality and boost productivity.

Savin technology is proven, reliable and award-winning. Savin's solutions allow customers to focus on business, not on office technology. And, given today's networked office environments, Savin is delivering true network connectivity NOW. In color or black and white, Savin is helping customers produce the highest quality hard copy communications faster and easier than ever before.

 Advanced Copier is an HP PartnerOne and receive the backing of HP. With our partnership we have access to support and we can help you with most of your HP needs. We are able to service all of your LaserJet HP products to give our superior support on you HP products. HP was founded in 1939 and in 1984 HP introduces the 1st LaserJet printer. With HP as a major player in the desktop printers, we are happy to be a partner. 

PrintRite is our partner in Compatible HP toner cartridges they are one of only a few companies that provide a premium High quality replacement to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). PrintRite does not refill of even remanufacture old cartridges, they build them from the ground up. They are in control of their supply chain and this gives them ability to provide the highest quality of compatible HP products. 

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