HP Moncrhome Laser Cartridge

We have a new Line of HP re-manufactured toner cartridges that we are able to provide you a 100% guarantee that they will meet or exceed the manufacturing standards. That we can offer to you at a 10% to 50% savings over OEM cartridges.




With over 1,800 (and counting) registered patents, Print-Rite has the largest patent portfolio of any aftermarket supplies vendor in the global industry. Why is this important to your business? Print-Rite’s continued investment in manufacturing innovation  and corresponding patents protects our unique manufacturing process and our ability to supply your business. Our competitors cannot make the same statement; in fact, many of them are currently tied up in legal battles with Canon. Have you considered the implications this could have on your ability to source product?


Remanufactured vs. Compatible:

Know the Difference


While they may appear to be the same product on the surface, upon closer inspection, there is much to consider when choosing a remanufactured or compatible laser toner product.


Remanufacturing:                        Compatible:


» Starts with an empty core.        »  100% new. Built from the ground up.


Why would I want a Compatible

Product over a Remanufactured One?

By developing cartridges that do not rely on an empty core, we help ensure that dealers are able to use lower-cost aftermarket supplies that keep their cost-per-page prices low. Plus, less requirement for an empty core means more control over the supply chain and our speed to market for new products— another unique value add, exclusive to Print-Rite!

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